Ze Germans Know Zeir Music

After much pestering of my new German friends I finally have some interesting German tunes to share with you all.

We will start off with some hip hop, cos hip hop in odd accents is always fun, and German isn’t any exception. I also happen to genuinely enjoy this song, even though I have no idea what they are singing!

Blumentopf (translation: Flower pot)

Next we will shift a little to more Electro – but still a little hip hop. These guys are meant to be a little bit crazy and put on some pretty amazing live shows. Hopefully get to see them in a month or so and I’ll let you know!

Deichkind (translation: Dyke Child)

Next we have something that’s a bit more of a typical indie-dance type thing. (Let’s face it, I suck at putting bands into genre’s…) It’s good. Check them out!

Frittenbude (translation: fries stand)

Now for some folky pop! This guy has been around for a while in different projects, but from what I understand has only just embarked on his solo career. Enjoy.

Thees Uhlmann

I hope you now feel a little bit more enlightened about German music! It’s not all Heavy Metal and Techno!! There is some quite decent indie out there too. Hopefully I’ll have some more for you in the coming months, as well as some live reviews!


N.F. xoxo

The Stuff of Fairytales

They look just like gingerbread houses!

It appears that I have let a month slip by without posting anything on here. How very impolite of me. I have just been a little busy, so sorry, do forgive me.

The other problem is that I seem to have no idea what to write  about… so perhaps I will write my first travel entry.

As you may be aware it was Christmas a couple of days ago, what you will not be aware of is that it was also my Birthday. I have the annoying pleasure of being born on the 26th of December. Interesting fact though, I was born early in the morning, so technically it was still Christmas Day in Germany (where I live for those just joining us) so when am I meant to celebrate my birthday? Read the rest of this entry

Education or Ignorance?

I have of course been totally devoted to my study of rocks lately, and yet somehow keep stumbling on these articles relating to Sex Education. You can totally understand how I got there, right? No? Perhaps you need to live inside my head, seems completely normal to me. So, sex education. Its an interesting one, especially in the U.S.A. where I fortunately have never lived. Yet despite this I still managed to miss the only sex education class we had at school.

I had the unfortunate pleasure of attending a Catholic high school, so of course our sex education was covered in one period (of 43mins) in R.E. (yup, religious education covers sex). However, that day I had gone home sick with some fairly painful period cramps (damn you endometriosis). My good mate at the time informed this was fortunate as all they had done was look at photos of S.T.I’s for the entire class. Some of which would have had me vomiting out the window – the quesy stomach again – but that was it. There may have been the usual speel about where babies come from, but no discussion about safe sex. I was a fairly inquisitive teenager and was rather apt at using the internet by this point, so managed to find some decent websites. I was also on the pill (the positive side of the endometriosis) so had already spoken to my G.P. and asked a million questions, so was a well informed 14 year old. Read the rest of this entry

The Proof is in the Pudding

What is it about travel that makes you embrace your home country and its stereotypes more then you ever would at home. I am not what you would describe as a typical Aussie (or a typical Melbournian for that matter – I don’t drink coffee!) and yet being away from the wonderful place that I call home makes me want to act more Australian.

The main way it presents itself for me is when I meet a slight acquintence in the hallway (or even a random on the street). Usually you nod your nead, maybe smile, say ‘Hi’. I’ve taken to saying ‘G’day’. Something I would never say at home. But whenever I travel I feel this need to say it, as if I need to advertise the fact that I’m from Australia. I also have this ridiculous desire to prove my Australian heritage whenever I’m in a pub. For whatever reason it’s like I have to prove our nationalities ability to drink copious amounts of beer. This is probably not a very good idea considering I’m living in Germany and they are even bigger drinkers then Australians. Thus far I’ve managed to keep it in check – but one day soon someone will say something and National Pride will come to the fore and I’ll end up with one very big hang over. Read the rest of this entry

The People Who Shape Us

Have you ever sat and wondered how it was you became the person you are, or why you’re in your chosen profession? There’s always the nurture versus nature arguement, but I’m not talking about that. If you pursued a career in something that you loved, have you ever thought about how it came to be at the forefront of your thoughts in the first place?

I have. I often tell people that I’ve wanted to be a geologist since I was 12. This is true, but my path to becoming a scientist happened at an even earlier age. It started when I decided that maths and science were more fun then the books I was reading. When I started getting a kick out of learning something new about the things around me, and how the world worked. I started thinking about this when my housemate and I were discussing our school experiences and how certain teachers shaped our lives. She had great English language teachers, social studies and literature teachers. I had a grade four teacher that loved maths and science and making them come alive to children. Read the rest of this entry

At Death’s Door

The death of the CD has been lauded for a few years now, but are music albums also a thing of the past? Has the age of iTunes and MP3 players meant that people no longer buy albums, just the songs they like? Whilst procrastinating at uni today I came across this article in The Age by Diana Elliott, where the writer argues that modern technology has made the concept of the album obsolete.  That the thought that an album can be likened to a movie or a piece of art is pointless. Instead she likens it to a T.V. series – each song can be enjoyed in its own right but ultimately the consumer benefits more from watching the entire series. In this she is correct, but she then states that modern technology has stolen this aspect of the album. She assumes that the majority of people no longer buy complete albums, and even if they do they most likely shuffle or skip tracks and so still don’t get the complete experience. And this is where I start to differ.

Maybe I’m too oldschool,  or maybe I’m just weird. Read the rest of this entry

Melodies of Life

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some music that I’ve been listening to. Here’s a snap shot of the ecclectic mix I’m currently thoroughly enjoying. There does seem to be a slight running theme through these songs that I didn’t pick up on until I’d picked them all… can you guess what it is?

First cab off the rank is Yuck. A British ‘indie rock’ band. This song is a bit washy and shoe-gazy but the chorus is very catchy and the whole thing is very relaxing. There’s no official video yet, just hit play, close your eyes and relax….

Read the rest of this entry

You Do What?

I’m currently reading Bill Bryson’s “A Short History of Nearly Everything” (which is an amazing read and if you have any interest in, well, everything, you should read it) and it reminded me of a few things. Namely how much information I actually know – he makes very few points that I wasn’t already aware of – and how amazing being a scientist and a geologist is. Have I actually told you that? I am a geologist; I like rocks. I’ve liked rocks since I was 12 – yup, that’s how odd I was as a teenager. And that is the reason I moved to Germany. I could have looked at rocks in Australia (in fact The University of Melbourne and The Australian National University are at the forefront of various fields in the geosciences) but I decided to move hemispheres to a little known university. I promised to write a post about what I would be studying at some point so the following is my attempt to explain – unfortunately I can’t go into any detail as nobody would understand it but more importantly I signed a non-disclosure statement. Read the rest of this entry

You call this ‘Civilisation’?

Recent world events have put me in quite a reflective mood, and as such this will be a slightly more serious post then usual.

First off I  would just like to say that although Gaddafi was a tyrant and perpetrated innumerable atrocities the treatment of his death by the media has been disgusting. I was online when news agencies started reporting that he had been captured, the first on my Twitter stream with the news was the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), this was quickly followed by Al Jazeera. About 10 minutes later Al Jazeera were reporting that Gaddafi had died in a gun fight. It wasn’t long after this that images of a dead Gaddafi started flying around Twitter. Unfortunately it didn’t take long for the news agencies to pick up on this. Graphic footage is readily availble online, not to mention the still images that were splashed across the front page of newspapers worldwide. I just can’t approve of this no matter what he’s done, nobodys death should be treated like that. It also just gives people of “anti-western” sensibilities something to focus on. Not to mention the fact that anybody can see these images, even when they don’t want to. I’m of a rather delicate constitution when it comes to anything of a graphic nature (even when its fake) and so don’t apprectiate browsing through websites, or even walking past a newspaper stand and being assaulted by images I would never willing look at. Surely we as a people are above this kind of grandiose behaviour. A tweet was doing the rounds that summed it up perfectly: “Sticking a photo of a bloodied corpse on the front page of every newspaper is the modern equivalent of sticking heads on spikes” (not sure of its original author, think it has multiple sources, first result belongs to Owen Jones). The supposedly ‘civilised’ folks need to take a long hard look in the mirror.

This brings me to some disturbing occurances in my former home town. Read the rest of this entry

Starting to Fall Upwards

Recently there were reports out of CERN that they had performed an experiment in which neutrino’s were detected as having travelled faster then light, which would totally disprove Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. There was much outcry at this as physists (and anybody with a basic understanding of Relativity – wow basic and Relativity in one sentance, I don’t think so!) from around the world wondered if such a result could be possible. There were two explanations, Einstein is wrong or the experiment was flawed.

Of course everybody started focusing on the experiment because Einstein couldn’t possibly be wrong. Well, he still isn’t. Turns out the experiment was fatally flawed, and the result could actually be explained by the Theory of Relativity itself (rather then attempt a crappy explanation via my first year University physics knowledge, I direct you here), apparently relativity gets the best of all of us at times. Although you’d think it would be less likely to happen to physists at CERN and they could have figured all this out before throwing us all into chaos!

All I can say is that I was happy because I’d started to worry that other “infallible” theories could start to be disproved and the continents would stop drifting or I would start falling upwards!

N.F. xoxo


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